Ritual #1

As you take a sip of the warm chai, allow yourself to feel the gentle flow of the liquid entering your body. Visualize the chai as a root of a mighty tree, growing through your being with the force of gravity. As you savor the delightful taste, let each sip evoke a new root, steadily growing and branching out through you.

After six such sips, you now possess six intricate roots yearning to find their way to your partner's new roots.  Gently place your hand on your partner's, feeling the skin-to-skin contact.

With that, sense the first root of your being reaching out towards your partner's, gently expanding to connect at that pivotal point. Allow nature to take the lead, releasing control as the remaining five roots extend with passion, on course to join the union.

Witness the magic of the natural world as it orchestrates these enchanted  movements, resulting in an exquisite and unbreakable bond between you and your partner. There is no separation. Only oneness and a shared experience of bliss.