Ritual #3: One breath

Sit face to face with your partner and lock eyes for a meaningful 30 seconds or more. Take in their presence and think of a heartfelt message to convey silently to them. When you are both ready to begin, press up against each other either seated or laying down.  Then have them exhale while you inhale; creating your one breath.   Merge your lips with theirs, maintaining a deep connection.

Seal each other's noses gently with your thumb and forefinger, ensuring no air escapes or enters. Exhale into your partner as they inhale and receive your breath, and then they will exhale as you accept their breath in return.  Focus on how your bodies are acting as one and merging together through this shared breath.  Feel the movements of your and your partner's bodies as they truly breathe together.  Remain calm knowing your partner is there for you.  Pass this intimate one breath back and forth, savoring the connection until you naturally feel the need to inhale fresh air from the outside.

When one of you signals the need for outside air, release your hold on each other's noses, allowing both of you to breathe deeply and replenish your normal breathing pattern. Experience the profound closeness that this exercise creates, surrendering completely to each other and trusting one another with your very lives.