Ritual #2: Mirror

Sit facing your partner and savor the moment as you both indulge in a half cup of chai. Take a deep breath in, counting to four, and then hold it for another four counts. Exhale slowly for four counts, followed by another four count hold before repeating this practiced box breath five times.  As you breathe in, have your partner breathe out.  You will both hold for four seconds, and then you will breathe out, as your partner breathes in.  As you both focus on breathing deeply, let the warmth of the chai and your breath help center your mind, body, and soul. 

Remaining locked in eye contact with your partner, begin to slowly sip your chai while also observing their experience. Let yourself be fully present in their sensory journey as they savor the taste and feel the warm liquid gliding over their tongue and down their throat. Feel the chai in their mouth as if it is yours and vice versa. Your focus in entirely on their experience. With each sip, feel their delight and allow it to infect you, their pleasure becoming yours. Take your time and remain connected through eye contact, letting your body mirror and amplify your partner's movements and sensations of delight.  Allow the reciprocated emotions to resonate through you letting the intensity of your connection spiral into shared moments of ecstatic play.